Grasse, Land of Perfume

In the footsteps of Jean Baptiste Grenouille 


Follow the perfumer in the narrow streets of the historical center, imagine the overwhelming scents of leathers tanned and shaped by the glove makers masters. Travel back to the origins of perfume and its various uses by visiting the International Museum of Perfumery and attend our perfume Masterclasses.


Pursue this olfactory trip and discover the most prestigious perfume plants in the middle of the producer’s fields and in the gardens of the International Museum of perfumery.

In February, discover the powdery scent of mimosas and cassias.


In April, breathe the perfume of Bigaradier, the bitter orange tree whose flower is steam distilled to give the precious Neroli essence.


In May, participate in the picking of Rosa centifolia, the famous rose of Grasse , whose absolute is so prized in the composition of great perfumes.


June brings you to smell the most beautiful lavender and Lavandin spikes.


In summertime, let you inebriate by the perfume of Jasmine, simply called La Fleur and that narcotic of the mysterious Tuberose.


During the high season, go and meet the producers of these flowers of exception in the middle of their fields : they will tell you about their origins and their meticulous cultivations. They will explain and show you their extraction processes.


Attend our perfume creation workshops in the middle perfumed fields and gardens 


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In Morocco
Marrakech, Land of colours
A sensory travel to the land of colours and perfumes.

Guided by the perfumer, go and search for scents source of great inspiration for the creation of a perfume.

On the stalls of the souks in the Medina, from the tanned leathers come out animal scents.

On the market benches, spices bring out hot or cold exhalations: cinnamon, cumin, curcuma, ginger, pepper, saffron bring out the desire to discover the local cuisine.
In the royal gardens, the flowers with bewitching scents mark the rythm of seasons: the orange blossom and the rose open the ball, followed by the jasmine and the night galant.

In the forests of the Atlas where cedar trees stand, in the hammam where argan oil and essential oils mingle, exercise your olfactory memory linking those smells to a souvenir, a place and participate in a perfume creation workshop.
In Greece
Warm heat scent of earth and plants of the south

An olfactory stroll in authentic and wild islands.


Along walks on the paths between mountain and sea, you will discover the aromatic and powerful scents emblematic of the island.

On the sand, large wind swept beaches; you will be astonished by a special flora: the sand lily and the « dark eye » …

In the garden of citrus fruit, the sparkly smells of Bergamot and grapefruit bring a zest of freshness.

In the village tavern, the perfumer-creator will reveal the secrets of perfumes of the island.

You will learn how to blend the magical essences of the island to create a personalized perfume.